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Our Services

We are a premier cleaning company offering our services to Lincoln (and surrounding 40-mile radius), and Omaha Metro (and surrounding 10-mile radius)


We have the skills and abilities to meet and exceed your cleaning expectations.


Our service includes cleaning, straightening, and tidying up the rooms you have given us to take care of. We take a logical, systematic approach to our cleaning which saves you money by cutting down on cleaning time without cutting quality.


Services provided in your dry-work rooms (Bedrooms, Living areas, Dining rooms, Common areas, etc):


We offer a top to bottom cleaning. This includes a thorough dusting of all surfaces as well as ceiling fans and blinds, changing linens and straightening beds, a professional vacuuming throughout, the removal of trash and waste, a deep hard surface floor washing, the cleaning and disinfecting of all glass doors both inside and out, the removal of hard to reach cobwebs, as well as straightening up as we clean.


Services provided in your wet-work rooms (Bathrooms, Laundry room, Kitchen):


We offer a top to bottom cleaning. This includes a thorough dusting of all surfaces including ceiling fans and blinds, as well as the removal of any cobwebs. We scrub and disinfect where needed, clean and shine where needed, remove any trash and waste, clean all glass doors both inside and out, and finish up with a deep washing of all the hard surface floors. Our goal is for our clients to walk back into a dirt-free home or office!


We leave our client’s homes by turning off all lights and locking the doors. We leave a Thank You note and ask our clients to leave feedback and rate their service. We record all the feedback information and make any necessary changes to improve your personalized cleaning experience.


Flexible time frame hours are available.


All employees undergo a background check and random drug testing to ensure the best possible service for our clients. Contact 360Clean today for your cleaning needs!



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