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House Cleaning

Our friendly, professional maids will leave your home looking brand new! We offer either in-home or over-the-phone initial consultations to set up a personalized cleaning plan to ensure you receive the exact cleaning experience that you want.


After every clean, our maids will leave behind a Thank You card that allows you to provide feedback and play an active role in your housecleaning plan.


Services Include:

  • Cobwebbing
  • Vacuuming wall to wall
  • Thorough Dusting
  • Cleaning and disinfecting Bathrooms
  • Removal and trash and waste
  • Cleaning Kitchens and Microwave interiors
  • Hand Washing All Hard Floors
  • Straightening and Tidying Up Rooms


For routine General Cleanings:


We charge by the room instead of by the square foot or by the hour. Typically, a team of 2-3 cleaners will enter a home depending on the size of the residence.


Are you clean freaks just like us? If so, take your 360Clean experience to the next level! We also offer deep cleaning, as needed services to detail each room such as:


  • Moving small Furniture
  • Dusting hard to reach/out of reach areas
  • Vacuuming Drapes & Furniture
  • Cleaning and disinfecting light fixtures
  • Deep Clean Bathrooms
  • Polishing Woodwork


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